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for those of you who don't read my journal, i have some information for you. some of you will remember jason "gremlin" leighton. he was part of rocky cast and part of siempre vive. he had been dealing with diabetes all of his life and has recently passed away. karlito1984 and sausage_boy have been making calls to everyone they could get ahold of, but i'm going to post information here for anyone who has not heard from them.

I've been given info on the memorial for jason.
quoted from karlito1984
Per family wishes, memorial services for Jason are scheduled as follows:

Wednesday, July 27, 2005, 6:30 PM
Westside Church of Christ
603 Monte Diablo Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94401

I know it's the middle of the week but these are the family's plans. They have other commitments that could not be moved. It's unfortunate but I know we'll do our best to make it there.

As for me, I'd suggest we still get our together on Saturday the 30th to send Jason to the next life in our own inimitable fashion. He'd like a big gathering in his honour, I'm sure. :-)

Please pass the word around and those of you who have digits can call me, Adrian Toler, Manny Duque, Alexis Feldman or Amanda Jones if you need information. You can e-mail me if you need numbers.

we understand that not everyone will be able to make these services, and we are working on another service for our circle of friends. i made the suggestion to karlito1984 to plant a tree for jason somewhere in san mateo. i was thinking about central park since that's where he spent a lot of time. i'm going to look into it just like we did before. i know he would like that.

the other suggestion that has been thrown around is having a gathering of the "family" at central park in san mateo on saturday july 30th 'round noonish. if you all think that this would be a good idea, please let us know. we are trying to get as many people together as we can 'cos we know that would make jason happy as much as he would say "stop making a fuss over me". so...if anyone has any other ideas, please let us know.
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