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Trust Me! O_O

so...about jason's memorial....

ya know when you just want to make people happy and then someone else decides something behind your back. yeah...that's kinda what's happening.

please bear with us while we sort things out.

karlito1984 called me this morning and gave me info regarding the memorial. last night i posted that the family service will be on wednesday. apparently there is some dispute, and plans may be changing yet again.
lifted from karlito's journal
Here's the scoop:

It appears we're caught between competing interests regarding Jason's memorial service. The brother wants it ASAP, the sister wants it on the 30th.

The brother was the one who gave us the date for Wednesday. The sister says to hold everything until she comes back to town on Monday.

To cut a long story short, hold everything. When the sister returns on Monday they will have everything straightened out.

I'm sorry to have to be the messenger on this. I took this on willingly so I accept your frustration and I apologise for the conflicting information.

i would like to join karlito in apologizing for any frustration this has caused. we just want to be sure that we can all get together and send jason off to where ever it is that he is going or welcome him back if he's coming back. who knows.

to that end...we are still going forward with the tree planting, and i would still like to get together at central park for a "family" gathering. i hope you all understand. we are just trying to get info out to everyone we can as fast as we can, and sometimes that doesn't work out well for us.

the suggestion from vampirejew is that we move the gathering to 2pm so that those of you who are coming from a long distance can be to san mateo at a decent time and dont have to get up at the azz craque of dawn. if that is what you all would like...let's shoot for that. i'm still open to any suggestions.

at any rate...please be patient with us as we get information out to all of you. thanks for understanding.
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