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Trust Me! O_O

so much to say so little thyme

heh...funny culinary joke there. see 'cos today i was handing out thyme (since i work in the purchasing dept) right and left today to just about every class. i had "too much thyme on my hands" heh...and i couldn't stop singing it.

but is the tasty bit of info you've been waiting for.

SATURDAY JULY 30TH WE WILL BE HAVING A MEMORIAL FOR JASON "GREMLIN" LEIGHTON. i wanted that in big print so everyone would see it. we will be meeting at central park in san mateo. the plan is to start around 1ish. i will be there around noon-thirtyish. we're calculating in "gamer standard time" so we're guessing that everyone will be there by 2ish. i'm guessing it's going to be warm, so bring cool clothes. if you would like to bring some munchies to share we can do that. i would like this to be a simple gathering of the "tribes" to see our brother off. since we'll be at a park, i would suggest that you not bring anything alcoholic. [mother talk] if i dont know it's there...i wont have an issue with it. [/mother talk] i understand that jason was all about loving 420, but remember it's not publicly legal. please dont get us thrown out...again...if i dont know it's there...i'm ok with it but once we're told to stop we need to stop. if we'd like to go somewhere afterwards and gather and smoke...that's ok too. we just have to come up with a place.

and now...i think i'm off to bed 'cos i'm super tired and ready to crash, g'nite all...see you saturday.
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