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Erotic Nightmares/ Siempre Viva Reunion

There's no place like Rome

Reunion Community for Erotic Nightmares cast and S
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This is where the members of Erotic Nightmares cast and Siempre Viva Vampire LARP can talk amongst themselves about the reunion we're going to be having in May at Baycon. If you know of anyone who was on cast for Erotic Nightmares at the Varsity theatre in Palo Alto or the Belmont theatre in (you guessed it) Belmont, please feel free to have them sign up to be on the e-vite. I'd really like to be able to have everyone there...even if it's only in spirit. I'm also looking for any pictures you might have to make a collage or any videos of performances. If you happen to have any, please bring them with you. Tentatively we're looking at Saturday May 28th for the party. that seems to be easiest for everyone involved. as always...if you're willing to bring snackies, drinks, etc or donate a bit of money...that would be helpful to defray the cost of the room and such. i'm looking into getting a parlor suite if there are any left, but i'm not sure how that looks yet.